Advent Daily Devotionals

We are once again offering the Advent Daily Devotionals written by our staff at Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas. They publish daily from December 2-25, 2018. Subscribe below for inbox delivery or text #devo to 479-282-2406 to receive the daily devo via text. Your email address and phone number will only be used for this purpose. If you have subscribed in the past to receive the Advent or Easter devotionals, you will automatically receive the devotionals again this year. It is our hope and prayer this Christmas season that you experience Christ as Emmanuel – God With Us.

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Our Latest Devotionals

Focus on the King

My great-aunt Nonie was an amazing woman. She was well into her 80’s when I was a child, but my cousins and I would spend weeks at her house every summer. Nonie built forts with us, took us fishing, and taught us to drive at the local cemetery. (Because, in her words, “You can’t kill nobody there.”) Whenever something stressful would happen, Nonie would immediately gather the kids to pray about it. It could be as small as a scary noise in the night or as serious as a heart attack. Each time we would finish praying, she would say, “Well, we’ve given it over to God. No sense in trying to take it back now.” Nonie had a peace about her that countered fear and anxiety, because she laid everything at the feet of Jesus.

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God With Us

“Immanuel” is the most comforting word and reality I know. My wife, Joy, and I have walked through some hard times over the last 16 years, including both a failed adoption and a failed church plant. I’ve also personally experienced deserts of doubt and seismic faith-shifts. In each of those seasons, the one constant comfort was Immanuel.

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Merciful Justice

Have you ever felt stuck in an impossible situation? I don’t handle conflict well, so nearly every conflict feels like an impossible situation to me! The miracle of Christ’s birth put Joseph in an impossible situation. He was engaged to be married to a young girl from Nazareth. In first century Israel, an engagement was a legally binding agreement. To break off an engagement required a full divorce.

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