The Gift of Giving During Advent 2018

What is The Gift?

The Gift has become an opportunity to give back to God during the celebration of Advent and Christmas. Our Fellowship family has developed a culture of generosity, believing that through the leadership of the Holy Spirit and in obedience to God, our resources can be used to make a difference locally, regionally, and globally. Last year alone, the people of Fellowship gave over a half million dollars to The Gift, which was prayerfully dispersed by the Elders to many worthy ministries such as…

Spectrum Living Solutions:

“The Gift allowed us to take an idea and create a plan. You have to have the seed money to get started and take an idea into a plan of action…and that’s exactly where we are right now. Your gift was the first major gift we got – thank you from our family.” -Ashton McCombs

Center for Missions Mobilization:

“Our team in Ethiopia this year has been able to mark off eight unreached people groups that have now been reached with the Gospel because the church has been mobilized. Fellowship has played a part in that!” -Justin Elkins

Pioneer Bible Translators:

“In our experience, when a church like yours helps us to sponsor (scripture translation), it literally triples the impact we are able to have. And we expect to produce almost 3,000 verses of scripture in languages around the world. We are thankful for the work that you’ve done alongside of us.” -Greg Pruett



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